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Virgin moves; how to do it without doing it.

I'm a virgin. And plan to be till I'm married. But that doesn't mean I don't like to torture my guys. ;P Here's a little step-by-step of some of my favorite play, throwing it out there to be marveled at (thought of it all of my own, kthnkyuh~) and to aid those who need a little more knowledge under their belt but don't wanna do it through trial and error.

So, yeah!

Here goes everything.

When you're giving a blowjob, you gotta know a few fundamentals. THE HOW-TO'S here are really accurate; as in, I read them, and was all 'holy shit I do all of this.' So, she's a good source. Seriously check it out, bc I'm not gunna waste my time describing the basics of giving head when she already has. 

These are just a few of my flavors to throw into the intimate mix. Which it should be; not a hardcore thrashing about till he cums, but a smooth, sultry, loving experience. 

Breasts: If you have big enough titties, GO FOR IT. While you're nomming away at him, slide your mouth all the way down (or as far as you can go) and hold him there, enabling your hands to be free for a second. Once you're like that, hunch your shoulders forward and grab your breasts, pushing your chest forward and pressing them together over him. Be sure he's nice and slobbered up tho; going against dry skin isn't sexy, and can sometimes even be painful. =_= Then you can have some real fun. You can rotate your breasts, squish them together, jive them up and down, slam them down on him (surprisingly a very torturous move) and all that, all the while your mouth is still playing over the tip. 
And, if your breasts aren't big enough, that's okay.
Don't use them.
You've got an ass, right?
NO, not for that. (Get your mind out of the gutter, jeez!)

First off; BE CAREFUL with this move! It's risky. As in, getting yourself pregnant risky. But it'll make him cum, hard. Read below.

Backrubs: This one also works really well if he's not hard yet/you want to tease him for a bit first/you actually want to cum. Say you're alone and bored, dunno what to do, your guy isn't really 'feeling it' or anything, or just, whatever. Flop down on his bed/couch and groan, stretching your shoulders up and curling your toes, and then let your muscles un-tense, relaxing. Be sure to make the groan reeeeeally sexy. (And don't be afraid to sound too loud; if you do it too quiet, it'll sound like a weird nasally hiccup or something.) He'll then ask you "Oh, what's wrong?" or something like that, at which point you look over your shoulder at him with one eye, still burying the rest of your face in the pillow/blanket by your head. You say to him "Can I get a backrub? Pleeeease~?" (If he doesn't ask you what's wrong, wait till he walks by you so you can grab at his pants leg or something and then ask him)

Here's the hard part; if he's as gaga over you like my guy is over me, then he'll be all for it and start rubbing your back. If he's not, then, sorry; I don't know how you can forcibly make him give you a backrub. Just try to be alluring, without being suggestive; as in, don't show your bare skin, don't say "But I'll suck your dick" or anything like that; be seductive, but not implicative.
Once he starts rubbing your back, let it be a backrub. I mean, hey; he's rubbing your back. Let it go on for a few minutes. ;P After you've decided the casual rub should move on to the next step, then groan again, squirming beneath his touch as if you didn't like it. He'll want to know what's up. (Or he'll pause or do some sort of faultering.) If not, stop him. He'll ask why. At that point, pull up your shirt in back as best you can, and make sure you've got some sort of lotion within arm's reach; tell him "Through the shirt doesn't feel good enough" or some more eloquently creative line. Again, nothing implying the fact that you're doing this so both of you can cum. Tell him where the lotion is, have him unhook your bra and push up your shirt, and then let him rub your back some more after he lotions up his hands/your skin. And then, let it be a massage yet again. If he doesn't get a hard-on at the fact that your bra's undone and he gets to trail his hands up and down the smooth curve of your body, then the next move will do it.

After a bit, slowly start to scootch your pants down; leave the panties. If he asks what's up, tell him matter-of-factly that your glutes are a muscle too! Have the backrub start to include massaging your butt too. Give out little moans when it feels good. Be sure that your pantline has been pulled down PAST your cheeks and down a bit, so that he can just start to see the tops of the back of your thighs. This means other things are exposed as well; I.E., your crotch. At this point, he should be hard. If not, maybe he's gay.
Have the massage continue. If he has yet to do anything sexually-oriented to you, (stroking you, biting you, anything like that,) then after a few minutes reach behind you and grasp one of his hands, leading it down to your groin. Once he's there, let him play. You should know how you like it; don't be afraid to tell him what to do/ how hard/soft to do it. There's two key spots; the vagina (duh) and the clitoris.(double duh)

(This is a little IMPORTANT ramble on handling your lovely lady parts. Skip over this if you just wanna continue on with the above info.)Your female parts are really quite delicate. Make sure his nails are clipped and his hands are clean, that way he can't damage the inside with his fingers if his teasing gets a little too rough. Also careful with the clit; if if gets too roughly stimulated in the beginning, it becomes really, REALLY hard for the girl to cum. Delicate little flicks are good to start out with...and letting the pressure increase with speed is always a good thing. Be gentle, use care, don't just shove two fingers in and pump away; it hurts like that! You have to make sure that the girl (or yourself) is thoroughly wet; if you're not there yet, then let him keep on playing with your outside before he lets his fingers wander into you. I'm dead serious; if any of the process is forced, then you'll have a much harder time coming. There should be no pressure; relax! It's a form of sex! It's cumming! If you try to force it, it will NOT happen. Trust me on this one.)

OKAY. Back to the massage.

Once you're thoroughly wet, let him slide down your panties so that he can get a better leverage/push deeper with his hand. At that point, if he's not dry-humping your leg already, reach back and grab for his member; even if it's still in pants. He won't mind, trust me.
(You can peek over your shoulder to get a good aim, that way you're not blindly groping around in the air with one hand.) Get a hold of him, undo his pants if he's not already out, grab him, and pull him forward until he is pressed against your backside. NOTE: This is NOT putting him in you! Don't let his hand move from fingering you. If it does, stop him, and make him resume what he was doing. Then continue to lead his dick to just below the small of your back, to the little spot right where your buttcheeks come together. Press him to your skin, turn your hand so that your fingers are pointing towards him, and wrap your thumb and pinkie against him, pushing down so that he's pressed firmly against your lotioned-up skin. If he doesn't start thrusting automatically, encourage him to. 

The most IMPORTANT PART is to not let his dick move any lower than where it is. He can thrust, but not go any lower on your body. You risk getting pregnant if he does. And the smart move is to use a condom anyways.

For me, as a girl, (and still a virgin omg so surprising) when I'm giving a blowjob/hand job/any kind of teasing thing like that, if the guy teases me back (squeezes my breasts/nibbles on my ear/etc.) it somehow always turns me on that much more when he presses himself against me, especially if we're in a place that doing something like that would be embarrassing if someone saw. So the act of him thrusting should turn you on; and the fact that you can't see what he's doing with his hands, that he's staring at your hand, his dick, your cute little ass, and all that silky smooth lotion and your soft little moans, it should do something for the both of you.
Close your eyes, let yourself focus on how it feels for you rather than trying to make him feel good; the pressure from your back/hand will be enough for him, especially if he's thrusting on his own and your fingers are stretched out straight over the majority of him, minus your thumb and pinkie. (You can just squish him to you with only your thumb if your pinkie gets sore or tired.) Buuut, yeah! Whoever cums first has to finish the other one off.
Teasing Moves: Making him take his shirt off and tugging down his pants once he has a hard-on is something you should do anyways; but if not, start doing it. You'll get excited seeing his muscles twitch and watching his chest rise and fall as his breathing gets heavy. If you're giving a hand-job, from his left side wrap your
free arm around the back of his neck and lay your head on his chest, so you can hear his heartbeat. Stroke up and down, use the technique he likes best, won't go into detail bc handjobs are pretty simple. Lick your hand/get him slobbery first if he's not wet from his own prefluids. Feeling your breathing on his bare skin as you tug at him, as well as your bare skin (try and wear a tank top while doing this...he'll look down at you and the firs thing he'll see is boobs.) will really get to him, since the warm skin of your arms/shoulders are pressed against him. It's fun to listen to his heart rate skyrocket when he gets close to finishing and does.

If you giving him a bj, start with kissing him deeply and passionately, using your tongue and moaning between lip-lockedness. Make him really get into it. Then trail your kisses over the side of his face till you reach his ear, nibble on it with your lips, lick it slowly with the tip of your tongue, and let your teeth gnaw on it lightly before letting your kisses run down his neck, nibbling lightly with teeth as you go. Go down his chest with kisses, letting your hands follow slowly. Down the middle of him, getting slower as you near his bellybutton. Be sure to press your body against his as you move down, pressing your groin, your hips, your stomach, then your breasts once you're low enough. Grab his erection and pull your lips to the tip, but do NOT touch! Hover there for a second, and let a trickle of drool slide out and onto him, then open your mouth and exhale, before looking up at him with your gorgeous eyes (all girls have lovely eyes; it's just how amazing we all are) and let a wide smile slowly blossom on your lips. Have your hand slowly trail up him and move up with your body, shifting so that you can kiss his mouth again. At that point, let go of him and put a hand behind his head and leave your other hand/arm to support your weight, but press yourself softly against him. Kiss him deeply again, and be sure to take some pleasure in making him squirm with waiting. 

Go down again like you're gunna actually start giving head, but stop at his bellybutton, and kiss it slowly. Then move down and kiss lower, then move to the left and kiss his hip, then the other, then move up and make like you're FINALLY going to start, and then bring your lips inches away, exhale slowly, smile, and flick your tongue out and let it snake up him quickly, flicking off at the tip. Proceed as desired.


I have tons more in my arsenal of sexheh virgin games, so if anyone wants any specifics, comment with your questions. Try to keep them un-crude though. ,,o...o,,

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